Jul 9, 2009

highly demanded cupcake design =)

Pokedot Cupcake's most ordered/sold cupcake design.
Done in various ways..these are just a friction of it.

Jul 6, 2009

funky cupcakes

ordered by Min again-thanx!! =)

ordered by Putri ~ thanx!! =)
Transportation theme

Jul 4, 2009

fondant flower cupcakes

alhamdulillah =)

Successfully completed my order of 1000 cupcakes
**beaming with joy** =)
Thanx to tasya for believing in me,
and to the 4 crazy people who helped me achieve my goals
- my mum,my bro,diyana & zaid..
couldn't have made it without u guys =)


Jul 2, 2009

fully booked!

Pokedot Cupcakes will not be taking any orders
till 24th July as im fully booked on the available dates
Sorry peeps!!!!
orders can still be made for 25th July onwards..