Nov 7, 2009

first ever cupcake sale!

From 30th NOV - 30th DEC 2009,
pokedot cupcakes is having a cupcake galore SALE!

25 Small cupcakes only for rm55!!!
25 medium cupcakes only for rm62!!!
-price include box and ribbon-
for any designs!

hurry and order now peeps!

Aug 17, 2009

more cuppies!

golf+bola+karaoke theme

Jul 9, 2009

highly demanded cupcake design =)

Pokedot Cupcake's most ordered/sold cupcake design.
Done in various ways..these are just a friction of it.

Jul 6, 2009

funky cupcakes

ordered by Min again-thanx!! =)

ordered by Putri ~ thanx!! =)
Transportation theme

Jul 4, 2009

fondant flower cupcakes

alhamdulillah =)

Successfully completed my order of 1000 cupcakes
**beaming with joy** =)
Thanx to tasya for believing in me,
and to the 4 crazy people who helped me achieve my goals
- my mum,my bro,diyana & zaid..
couldn't have made it without u guys =)


Jul 2, 2009

fully booked!

Pokedot Cupcakes will not be taking any orders
till 24th July as im fully booked on the available dates
Sorry peeps!!!!
orders can still be made for 25th July onwards..

Jun 28, 2009

hard rock+liverpool theme =)

Jun 25, 2009

july dates

Im so2 SORRY to announce that im fully booked till
30th june!
sorry again for the dissapointment guys ..
available ; green
limited; blue
full; red

Jun 23, 2009

Reminds me of bestesteverest Emil =)

Fathers Day Cupcakes

Jun 14, 2009

more cupcakes

Lippy lips theme =)

Engagement cuppies =)

Girlish theme =)

Underwater world+fishing theme =)

Lovey dovey theme =)

May 30, 2009

any inquiries?

heya peeps!!
If you have any inquiries regarding
ANYTHING in mind,
don't hesitate to email me at

May 27, 2009

latest orders ;)

May 26, 2009

Wedding favors/door gifts

A cupcake (design of your choice) with individual casing for wedding favors/door gifts for any occasions;

Set A- rm 1.50 each!
dome plastic individual container+cupcake
*minimum orders; 400 pcs
*only 1 SIMPLE design can be done
*max colours; 2 colours

Set B- rm 2.00 each!
dome plastic individual container+cupcake
*minimum orders; 400 pcs
*only 2 designs can be done; any design of your choice
*max colours; 3 colours

orders should be done atleast a month prior to the wedding/occasion ;)

May 23, 2009

Cupcake Stands

Design 2

Design 1

Pokedot-Cupcakes now provide cupcake stands for you to rent with the cheapest rental price!
only rm10 a day for a stand!!! ;)
choose either one or rent both at the same time to add the elegant touch to your parties ;)
Design 1~
three tier cupcake stand- holds large,medium or small cupcakes
Design 2~
wilton cupcake stand- holds 21 medium or large cupcakes

only rm 10 each for a day!!!!

May 19, 2009

freshhhhhly baked scrumptious chocolate temptation brownies!!!!
the latest creation from pokedot-cupcakes for the chocoholics out there!!!
guaranteed to satisfy your chocolation cravings!!
per box- rm 45
**orders should be made a week in advance**

May 4, 2009

available dates for may & june

Available dates for May;
available ; green
limited; blue
booked ; red
Available dates for June;
available; green
limited; blue
full; red

Apr 5, 2009

cupcakes with Upin & Ipin edible images!!

great news peeps!!!!!
introducing cupcakes with edible images!!!!!
(Yup,at last..tis here) =p
images available now are;

upin n ipin image above,
ben 10 images,
high school musical images,
spongebob images,
mickey n garfield images,
liverpool,arsenal,mu,chelsea logos,
barbie images, &
disney's princess images-snow white,cinderella..etc.
or email me the image of your choice(your pic) n itll be on your cupcake!

applicable for large & medium cupcakes only..
email me for orders!!

Mar 24, 2009

more cuppies ;)

Mar 8, 2009

swirl cupcakes